If you don’t like Trump.

Everyday and it seems like all the time there is a bunch of whiners bitching about Trump. Seems that most of the media is against Trump. The arguments of the speakers seems, to me, nothing more than additional whining and crying over spilled milk. I’m neither a democrat or republican, but I just can’t take anymore of Trump, Trump, Trump and some more Trump. I get it, this guy doesn’t seem to have the same tactics as all the previous egomaniacs that ran for the office. Both sides have been at this game long enough to know all the angles and tricks of the dirty game of politics. Most people going to Washington is there to take care of #1, not the idiots that voted for them.

Democrats seemed to have wasted a ” reasonably” good chance to remove someone that they couldn’t beat on the ballet box. As I understood many corners were cut to ” expedite” the process. Are you stupid? Every eye is going to be on the show, and since the Republicans had the final saying on the matter, every i should have been dotted and every t should have been crossed. Democrats sounded like little children that went crying to mama because the playground bully was harassing them. I have one thing that I would like to point out to these whining babies. One doesn’t get to be the Undisputed Heavy Weight of the World in boxing, unless one is capable of defeating every contender that challenges him. Stop crying and running to mama every time that you get hit. In this game, for one to win, one has to out punch and outlast the opponent.

Democrats have amassed a bunch of defeats and losses and then cry about, This is not the message that you want to send to the nation. Develop a plan, check all the details of the plans, rehearse it and then put it into action, that should improve the chances of success. I don’t have the answers, this is way above my pay grade, but there is enough monetary backing to hire the best and the brightest to help with the undertaking. Stop rushing with a half ass plan, do your absolute very best and that is all that you can do. Win or lose but no regrets, you gave it all that you could. If you can’t beat Trump with the half ass scheme that you have put forth, GATHER ALL your sympathizers and vote the man out of office.

Are you going to tell me that you can’t come up with a wonderful story to motivate your bases to make them go out and vote? Get the money and the legal help to get your people to VOTE. Don’t come around telling me that misinformation will cause them to either not vote or vote for the opposition.

There is time to work on this, but get started NOW. Don’t procrastinate and then go crying after the election.

To me most of the democrats are somewhat delusional, if they would only get off the idea that what is need is more gun control, I would vote on democrats all day, everyday.

Trump is getting billions of dollars worth of publicity for free, from the people that claim not to like him. That to me seems beyond stupid. Maybe all the democrats and their friends should contact the media and for one week nobody would report anything from Trump. Report all the democratic candidates but nothing from Trump. It would be very interesting to see the media without the Trump topic. Stop bringing forth and displaying to the nation and the world that Trump is getting away with everything that he wants. Stop recording the victories of your opponent or someone that you dislike. Why not? everything else has been tried but no success has been achieved.

It would be nice for a change that what I have to hear is not another beating on the democrats by Trump.

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