Another shooting on innocent victims

We just had another attack on innocent victims in a place where there should be none. Another place of worship that was attacked by someone that we may never know the reasons why he did it.

This time the sad side was present, the perpetrator was able to kill 2 persons, but the carnage was stopped, never as soon as it should been , but as soon as it as it could happen.

Let us thank the ones thank had the courage, to be in a position that made the event halted.

To the family of the ones that succumbed to the attack, we offer our prayers and support. What a unnecessary tragedy, for ones that were in the House of God, minding their business.

What causes one to commit such an atrocity is something that may or may not have an answer, but it is up to us not to let that happen, or minimize to the extent that such acts are inflicted upon innocent parties.

As clearly seen on the video, (and most of the video have edit the actual shooting) the answer is very clear and unmistakenly plain. The response has to be instantaneous, direct and effective.

I have carried concealed for 44 years and unfortunately there is nothing else that can stop such actions, but a prompt neutralizing of the threat source by a brutal and lethal attack on the entity that is perpetrating the crime.

There are descriptions that state that the period of 6 seconds elapsed between the start of the attack and the neutralizing of the attacker, additional information also states that the first responder arrived in 11 minutes. I have to wonder what would have been the outcome if the people had to wait for the 11 minutes to have someone take out the threat.

Why are there politicians that want to disarm the law abiding citizens and deny them the chance of self defense in cases like this. They can distort all that they want by playing with skewed statistics to support their delusional positions. It should only take one viewing of the church shooting to get how things work in the real world. Of course there are alternatives to shooting the animal that caused the mayhem. We could install metal detectors, pay for a dozen highly trained ex special force guards to secure the perimeter and additional guards in the premises and install ballistic protection all around and obviously the Sunday collection ought to cover these expenses.

Politicians ought to get real and accept that life is a dangerous undertaking, there is no feasible way to protect everyone, the criminals ( for whatever reason they chose to commit these crimes) don’t give a damn if the law is printed in plain text or super large bold letters. Criminals are criminals and the way to stop them is to take them out. I have an statistic that no one can refute – A dead criminal has never committed a crime- Sad but true.

Let the law abiding residents of the states that restrict CC and give them an opportunity to defend themselves. It is time to elect politicians that will change the laws to permit CC in all jurisdictions. If one is licensed in one state it should be valid for all states. One has a driver’s license from one state but can’t drive in another state. Do the laws of physics change according to who get elected?

To all the ones with the gun control mantra “That restricting gun ownership and denying CC permits, would save a life. It is worth doing it” I would like to ask if the prompt response by the armed individuals may have saved some lives in the church shooting in Texas? Was there a life saved? I would guess, then, that being armed may not be such a bad idea.

Get off the political rhetoric and stop denying citizens their rights.

As a matter of fact training with guns to understand the lawful use , their limitations, how to carry them and so on should be part of the normal schooling just as financial education to prevent, to the extent possible, people from making mistakes and helping them make wiser choices. Guns should not be treated as a “taboo” subject. One may be placed in a situation that may require the use of a weapon in a proper manner, but with all the misinformation it is unlike that the right choice will be implemented.

Change the arbitrary laws and permit people to exercise their rights. Most politicians aren’t a special breed other than having the gift of gab and an enormous ego.

I don’t care what political affiliation you may be, but the rights belong to everyone.

Go out and vote for a candidate that respects you and your rights. The only time you will get some respect is when these vultures are asking for your vote. Let them know that your are not a puppet to be used to achieve their goals. You are a citizen and this is how our society works. Let your opinion be heard with your vote, don’t pass the opportunity to try to change what you don’t like.

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