Immigration or not?

No question that this is a topic that brings lots of controversy with it. I would like to get intelligent opinions about this matter with the intent of getting to a reasonable, workable, beneficial to as many as possible, solution to a issue that must be addressed. This matter can’t go on being ignored or making believe that it doesn’t exist.

The actual number of illegal immigrants, as far as I know, can’t be precisely stated. How many are there, who knows, but there is an aspect that can’t be denied, there are lots of them. Another aspect is that if they weren’t needed, desired, used or abused there wouldn’t be that many. Without any doubt they are an essential part of the larger picture. There is no denying that the demand for these illegal immigrants exists, existed and for the foreseeable future it will continue to exist. As PC incorrectly as possible, I will state the following” These are the current slaves. Slavery existed in the form of color of one’s skin, it was easier to detect. Nowadays the subtlety, of slavery is harder to detect. These illegal immigrants, are “economically enslaved”, the reasons for it may differ, but they are less than a “fair deal” for what they are delivering ( Yes, there are some that are milking the system – nothing is 100% either way)

Despite the less than “fair deals” that they are getting, millions ??? of human beings have chosen to stay within our borders however they seem to be in the twilight zone, everything and nothing seems real. What to expect?? Our current President has painted most with a single brush and some liberals think illegal immigrants are entitled to more than our citizens. Where does a fair and equitable solution lies?

The reason that people decide to come here is because of the perception of some orderly society. (I didn’t say perfect) Their chaotic countries permit very undesirable conditions to exist and whether for actual lack of a safe environment or sheer possibilities of poor earnings, they come.

We now have an issue that must be dealt with. I would like to present a plan that I think may help the situation for everyone.

All the illegal immigrants should be required to register and be given a 2 to 3 year period to remain in the country. Unless, you have a history of violent crime and large drug conviction. One must submit a application for change of legal status in the country, along with a fee ( there has be a fee, this is the blood of government) Upon a preliminary back ground check one should be able to apply for a driver’s license, get an TI ( temporally illegal )SS number. This SS number should serve most of the functions of the regular SS number. The same safeguards that applies to everyone else should apply to one that has passed the initial check ( end exploitation of undocumented workers, remember my P Incorrectly position, these are the current slaves in the eye of some)

These individuals once registered, would have to provide income documentation,( if you here to do legal work, show us the evidence. A fine for breaking the law has to be paid, ( what are the ones that have to wait for legal entry, idiots? Just as good as FedEx, you want priority you have to pay for it). This is a fine that would go on for a period of years and based on the federal personal income tax returns. If one are just scraping a living, one shouldn’t pay as much as someone that is earning a good living. Let’s not forget the businesses that benefited from all the illegal immigrants. Get those business in a payment plan too. We don’t want to break anybody, just pay a cut of the proceeds. ( after all, the government, the mob, the church, the unions, the clubs, everybody wants a little piece of your hide. If you want to play, got to pay. Sorry that is just the way the system is)

Upon completing 5 years from the date of receiving the “Change of Status” permit and having a crime free life, for the period, one may apply for a citizenship.

Sorry for all the “bad” guys, or the ones that have come here to milk the system. indeed we want you out of the country. The only reason that this country remains viable is because a vague picture of a “nice place” exists. Even the ” bad boys” from other nations, trust our system because of the apparent stability. ( that’s another topic for another day- Nothing is perfect and and life is not what you want but what you can get).

Plucking people out of other countries, to me, is like someone else did all the work up to the time of harvest and someone else collects the benefit. It depletes the labor pool in some cases, but if one chooses or is forced to leave, well that is the outcome.

For the ones that think the current policy is wrong ( and indeed it is wrong in many aspects) I would like to ask what is the right number of immigrants per year that we should let in ( in is not being debated, just how many) 1,000, 10,000, 100,000, 1,000,000, 10,000,000? We can’t have an open door policy that would end up sinking the country. People has to get together work out a viable solution and an efficient control process ( As I recall one of the terrorist of the Twin Towers got some kind of renewed stay after the event. Hello!!!!!). There is also people that just want to come to this country for the economic opportunity and go back. That should be an available alternative too, come do the work and go back, seasonal maybe?

We need an efficient system that works and deals with real life scenarios, end with all the political party crap. It should work for the US and the workers and eliminate as much as possible the smuggling industry ( that is a human tragedy) that preys on desperate people that want to come in. I have a hard time understanding that we are not capable of finding a solution that works and works fast. All the damn data can be retrieved in minutes. Maybe it is time to apply AI to this process and start to get results.

Please, add intelligent comments, that can create a solution. Maybe we can work out a plan, that may be brought to some politicians and have this dilemma resolved. I have neither party affiliation, nor political contacts, if someone does and think this is worth a try, please do it. I think it is up to us to improve the country, politicians are stuck on a power game to benefit themselves and their parties. I think that we are tired of the blaming game and political system. It is up to us to change it. Take your time to see who is the best candidate for you, and go out and vote.

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