This is a site that I would like to engage with other people to discuss behavior that seems absurdly stupid , when later view by others that were not involved in the actual events that previously occurred, or the later results of some actions that one should been possible to expect the outcome to be tragic, comic, funny or disastrous.

It may be good that we become aware of past events, that would have been better to avoid altogether. Some say that hindsight is 20/20, but it may be easier said than done. Some may not think that what happens to others may not happen to them. I prefer to think that all of us have a equal chance to be a victim of undesirable events. The end results vary greatly but we probably will agree that would been better if we took a “pass” on the event.

I ask that you either give a link to where the event may be seen with additional details or give a brief description of the event. I would like to have people comment on their perception of the conditions that led to the event and if they have any personal perspective of something similar. Hopefully the occurrence was not tragic enough and we can have a laugh and learn from it. It would it be sad if the outcome was tragic, but we may all take something and hope to avoid duplicating the mishap.

Be aware of where you going and hope to stay safe.

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